Finishing a good book

I finished a book today, so I texted a friend who is a book lover like myself, telling her I had the "I finished a book feeling". She responded with; "The feeling of accomplishment and depression"

Isn't that exactly what ending a book feels like?!

I instantly ordered another book, and thanks to Amazon Prime will be getting it tomorrow.

I have asked a few peoples who's opinions in books I trust and have compiled a new reading list and just can't wait to start! I even think I am going to try and start a book club. I'm a little bit nervous about this as I'm not sure there are that many people out there who are as big of nerds and me and want to join a book club, but I will try non-the-less.

If you have a good suggestion, send it my way.

Now, off for a game of hide 'n seek with Kyle and Jonathan. It's one of Jonathan's favorite games.

Which reminds me, does raising a kid just make you re-live your childhood? That's how I have been feeling lately. Like the first 27 years of my life was just normal growing up, high school, college, newly-wed life, and then life starts over. Except this time, it's like a timewarp, re-living your childhood through your kids eyes. Anyone else feel this way? Or am I just tired and a little crazy?


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