I was asked today how my marriage is.

Without hesitation I said great! And whats better is that I meant it. My friend continued to ask about my husband, what is so great about him? What do I see the Lord doing in his life? How does he lead well? Where have I seen growth in him.

I was able to rattle off answers.

Kyle loves the Lord and is teachable, so the Lord does amazing things in his life and grows him through His word, and from being under good teaching. I'm so glad that Kyle WANTS to be under good teaching. I was able to talk about Kyle pursuing godly friendships that spur him on to Love the Lord more, to lead us well, and how he wants to be humble.

I talked about his growth and how he has grown in discernment and wisdom and leadership.

I don't want to take any of that for granted. I know personally, too many dear friends who are in hard marriages, I have some friends who have gone through divorce. I know that I am deeply blessed with a good marriage to an amazing man of God.

I am especially thankful for the example that Kyle is to Jonathan. I really can't put into words how wonderful it is that Kyle is able to teach Jonathan how to lead a home, how to love a wife, how to pursue God.

I pray daily that it is Kyle who leads Jonathan to Christ. What a blessing that would be.


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