Saturday Morning

Saturday Mornings are pretty much the best around here. Kyle and Jonathan wake up a little bit before me and start breakfast. It's tradition that Kyle makes Saturday morning breakfast. I really wake up when they do, but I leisurely lay in bed and listen to them talk. It's pretty hilarious. 

Then, I hear Jonathan tip-toe down the hall and "surprise" me. He jumps on the bed and says "Mom are you ready for breakfast?!" 

We're about to head to Home Depot to get a couple of supplies for the weekend projects that we have. Kyle and Jonathan are playing games and making each other laugh while they get ready. Right now they are being Rescue Bots and are putting out a fire. (I have a feeling I'll be cleaning up a lot of water in the bathroom later) 

I think these are those moments that older mom and dad's always say "soak it up, it goes by fast". I'm trying to soak it all up. 


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