There are a few things I'm loving around the internet these days. I am not on facebook or snapchat or twitter... just instagram, email and this blog. So here are some shops that you all probably know all about alread (ok, some I am SURE you know about  because other wise you would be living under a rock, and then we'd have bigger issues than if you knew about these online stores or not.) and some may be new to you... here you go

First is Magnolia Market's web site. I know we all wish  Chip and Jojo would just show up at our house and ask to fix it up for free, but we live in the real world and even if we think we know Chip and Jo, they don't have a clue who we are. Also, some of us can't just head on over to the Silo's because it's not in the budget to buy a plane ticket for a shopping spree. So.... there is Magnolia Market online. And more affordable than expected.

Next, The Mercantile If you aren't obsessed with The Pioneer Woman then I'm just not sure we can be friends anymore. Just kidding... but really. Okay, Confession (see what I did there?) I don't like every single thing in the shop. But I like a ton of it, and I LOVE all her food. And, even the things I wouldn't buy are things I enjoy looking at because they are fun and funny.

The House of Belonging She started with cute signs that I found through etsy. But her site keeps growing and she keeps adding super cute stuff... I'm personally going to buy the t-shirt that says "you& boots & flannel& latte's& bonfires" That pretty much sums up my life. 

Thank you Gear Patrol, for giving us the 10 best coffee subscriptions out there. When you live in the sticks like me (ok, ok, not the sticks. But let me tell you good coffee is hard to come by) you want to know where you can get the liquid gold and fast. gear patrol, 10 best coffee subscriptions

4 is my favorite number, so I think I'll stop at 4 shops. I'll try to add some more goodness soon. 


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