Growing up seems to simply be a series of "stages". In Jonathan's first year and a half of life I felt like he was in a new stage every 3 months. Slowly the stages have lengthened. It's strange how at 3 I can feel like certain stages last FOREVER, and then when I recall them it seems as if they went by in a flash. 

I find myself wanting to speed certain stages up, like potty training (can I get an amen?! I'm sure he'll be potty trained by 5.... or 6 at the latest) and I want to freeze time during other cuter stages. Like how he used to call his Aunt Abigail "Agibail" until recently. 

Here are a list of things I don't wan't to forget. 

He is terrified of most bugs. But also obsessed. Then he gets over his fear and is just obsessed, until he find the next bug he is scared of. So far we have gone through ladybugs, worms and snails. Seems he is a bit nervous about spiders right now. I am NOT looking forward to him being obsessed with those.

He says something and then instantly contradicts himself. "It is not a joke, but it is." "I will not get out of bed tonight. Except I will." "That was not funny, but it was funny." "I will obey, but I won't" "I don't love you, but I do." 

He is sweet and gentle with all children and especially babies. If a baby around him is crying he will stop whatever he is doing and come make sure the baby is ok.

He has a crazy memory! I am ALWAYS shocked by it. At some point I'll just accept that he has an excellent memory and move on. Right now I am surprised everytime he remembers something I would have expected him to forget.

He is social and loves to be with family and friends.

He loves the outdoors. Can't get enough of them.

His imagination is really coming out. I love to spy on him when he's playing and hear the stories he comes up with. 

He dances a lot and is also doing a lot of kung-fu. (I must remember to get this on video)

He hates eating things with multiple textures. I don't really want to get more into that because it has been the source of much conflict in our home. 

He is telling stories. They are hilarious. They don't make sense at all, but he's super into them and they usually end at an awkward moment. 


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