Summer is coming

I got back from my weekend away and instantly got sick. I've been out all week. It's been horrible. I'm starting to see a gimmer though. I'm about to join the land of the living again!

I actually ventured out of doors. I sat on the patio as Jonathan drew chalk trains. It was glorious. A couple of days ago I didn't have the energy to think anything more than "I'm sick" and today I have started thinking about summer and getting the house/yard ready for swim days and backyard BBQ's. My goal is to spend about 60% of every day outside in the summer. I hope it happens.

Also, we are choosing our puppy this weekend. I'm actually getting a little excited. I bought a dog training book and everything. I think it's gonna be good for all of us. Mostly, Jonathan, but then again it will end up being good for me. Just one more thing to keep me busy and not lazy and outside. I mean I'll have to take it on a walk every day. OH! daily family walks. That's probably going to be a thing in our near future.

Oh the glorious world of being well. So much to do.


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