I think I've allowed myself to view work as a bad thing lately. I was working in the yard yesterday, pulling up these pavers that the previous tenant had used to line the yard. They were deeply imbeded in the dirt and I couldn't quite figure out what they were doing with them in the first place.

Anyway, I wanted to dig them up so I could level out the soil and put down grass seed. It was labor intensive work. I did about 20 loads taking the stones from one side of the yard to the other where we will use them to make a walk-way.

Admist the work I was training our puppy and, well, training our son too. Jonathan needed a lot of training yesterday. I was starting to get a bit frustrated. It was a long hard day full of work and it was hard.

Kyle came home and I told him about my hard, kind of frustrating day.

You want to know the truth. When I stopped complaining and reflecting upon my day I really loved it. It WAS hard, really hard. But it was good. I get to shape and mold my son, we have the blessing of a little puppy to be Jonathan's playmate, and I enjoy yard work. I'm excited to see the finished product.

I think sometimes it's easier for me to enjoy something like the hard work of moving pavers around because I can see the progress, it's tangible. The work with a child isn't always tangible and lately I feel like I only see my failures, I only see where I'm inconsistent, where I should have done it or said it better, where I should have done more, gotten up earlier, played with him harder, discussed the Lord more..... and on and on. I see my daily failures and suddenly work just seemed like this hard bad thing instead of a hard good thing.

I was reminded again that it's the Lord that redeems my work, not me. And praise Him for that, because if I was doing work and trying to redeem it, WOW! we would all be in a lot of trouble in the Thompson house.

I pray daily that the Lord will redeem my work despite my failures, and that He will daily grow me in the process. I'm thankful the Lord doesn't tire of His work, and that He see's it as good. There is great comfort that He who began a GOOD WORK in me will complete it.


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