7 months

This past Monday marked 7 months since we moved to Kingsburg. I was reflecting a bit (maybe something you would normally do at 6 months or a year, but for me it was 7 months) and there are some things I never want to forget.

Cooking with Gail on Tuesday and Thursday mornings got me through those first couple of months. Gail has the Lord on her lips. She was constantly encouraging me with what He was teaching her and she is an incredibly THANKFUL person. You couldn't help but be with her and walk away thankful. She also loved on Jonathan and encouraging me in parenting. She was my first friend in Kingsburg. I love her.

The house we are renting was a complete answer to prayer, and a very stark reminder to cast your cares on the Lord and not be anxious. We had been looking for a place for what seemed like forever. We had been in transition for a month, Kyle working up in the central valley and us still back in Santa Clarita. We missed being together as a family, and we just didn't seem to be able to find a good place. Kyle looked at me as we drove back from Kingsburg to Santa Clarita and said "Babe, you really need to give this over to the Lord. Confess it to Him. He is faithful, He has always been faithful. We are going to find a place to live. Be patient". I did give it over to the Lord, and exactly 5 minutes later we got a call that there was a house available to rent from a family in our church. Wow.

The Jacksons let us stay in their guest house for a month... yes, a month. That'a long time to let people be in your way! What generosity and hospitality.

The people who did know about our miscarriage loved us so well, and still pray for us. We were strangers, but they still served and cared.

And just this past week we were invited to spend Easter with a family from church that we are getting to know and really like. That might sound kinda small. It's not! When you are the new family and don't know anyone and someone opens their doors for a holiday. You just feel so very loved.

The fog was hard, but the spring is worth it.

I enjoy having some change in the seasons again.

Gail shared with me something the Lord is teaching her anew. "Rejoice Always". I want to remember that.

The Fernandez's. Friendship is just one of the sweetest dearest blessings the Lord can give. And he gave us that in them.


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