and the ugly

I said I wanted to do this blog to remember it all, the good the bad and the ugly. Monday we had some real ugly. 

Only one of our cars is really road worthy at the moment and so Jonathan and I have been mostly homebound. (Which isn't really a problem.. see previous post) But I thought it would be fun to take him to the zoo for the afternoon since Fresno has a great zoo (more about that in another post, it really is a great zoo. Anyway...) 

I planned out this trip very poorly from the get go. ( Elizabeth Bennet would say "very ill indeed". Sorry for all the parentheses and side comments, but it's where my head is at today) I decided that since J is now 3 he probably wouldn't need the stroller and could just walk all day. Feel free to laugh at me at this point. I also forgot his comfort items tiger and blankie. I also thought he'd be fine to skip a nap, since all children are fresh and don't need naps after the ever so difficult church days (read with extreme sarcasm) 

Well we were dropped off at the zoo and it began beautifully. the first hour and a half were perfection. People were telling me I must be an amazing mom because my toddler was So polite and So well behaved. Jonathan was thrilled with everything he saw and was precious to watch. Then one minute past and hour and a half struck. I suddenly had a stomach ache and NEEDED the bathroom stat. I told Jonathan that he needed to come with mommy very very quickly and he looked at me and said "NO!" 

He then proceeded to lay on the ground and scream, "I don't want to leave the fish tank! I don't want to go to the bathroom with you!" My desperation only grew. He was not getting up and my need for the bathroom was getting more dire. 

There was nothing for it, it was either run for the bathroom and leave my 3 year old alone at the zoo, or drag him across the floor all the way into the bathroom stall with me. 

I dragged him. 

I was stared at by children who thought either "That boy is in So much trouble" as was audibly heard by a couple of young children, or they thought "I am never having kids." Which felt like it was audibly heard by some teenagers.

Then there were the mothers. 

The sweet sypathetic mothers.

One looked at me and said "You got this."

One looked at me as we were trying to get through the doorway of the bathroom. "It's ok sweetie, I have boys, I understand. You're not alone." 

Oh sweet motherhood. It makes you the best of friends with complete strangers because we can understand each others pain. 

We then sat in the shade and watched the lions for the rest of the 2 and a half hours waiting to be picked up.

I hope I come back and read this the next time I am either having a bad day, or if heaven forbid I ever find myself judging another mom. 


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