At Home

The Lord has always laid it on my heart to be a worker at home, and yet lately I have felt that conviction even stronger. Not exactly just to be a worker at home, but to do it excellently. I have been home with Jonathan since he was born, and have loved it! I love making a home and cooking meals for my family and raising my son. However, I noticed in myself that I was simply going through the motions too much and not being intentional with my time and my activities throughout the day.

Then, and this may seem un-related but it isn't, we have had about 5 different families tell Kyle and I seemingly out of the blue that they believe one of our spiritual gifts is hospitality. I think I have asked people what they think my spiritual gifts are before, usually after hearing a sermon on them or something of the sort, but I can't remember a time that people have come to Kyle and I as a couple and pointed this out. I have been praying about it and it seems the Lord is again telling me, "be a worker at home"

It really is related, I'm convicted to be a worker at home to serve and love my family, and to serve and love the church.

I also know that this may not be my spiritual gifting but we are all called to be hospitible. It's a command. SO, wether I'm actually gifted in it or not, I must do it. If I must do it, I better do it well.

I have been praying, begging the Lord to give me self-discipline, and the drive to be diligent in my work, but not just for the work's sake, but so that I can bless my family and the church and be a light for Christ. I am praying the Lord blesses my efforts, because right now I mostly just see how much I need to grow in these ways!


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