looking back

Sometimes I don't realize just how much Jonathan has grown until I look at a video or picture of him from a year ago.

His imagination is amazing!  He is almost always pretending to be an animal. He has stories about who he is and where he came from and the zoo is one of his favorite places.

He still loves to snuggle. Yay! I truly Praise the Lord for that. I love his hugs and every once in awhile he will come up to me and say "Mom, I have a secret... I love you." Melt. My. Heart.

He's a bit fiestier than he used to be, and tests the boundaries, I love to see him push himself, just so long as he doesn't push me.

I have to be so consistent with him. I have learned that the hard way.

He loves to laugh and he wants everyone to be happy.

Recently I said I was disappointed in a choice he made. He cried in my lap for 20 minutes because he was "SO SAD" that he made me disappointed. I love that tenderness. I also have to be careful of my words, they deeply affect him.

I love him. I love being his mom. I love watching him grow.


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