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Frugality Pt. 2

I was thinking about it and the real trick to being frugal is your frame of mind. How I approach saving money and how I think through it has changed a lot. I want to write these things down so I can remember them the next time I want to just splurge, or I find myself feeling a little discontent as I see other people buy all the pretty things on Instagram..

1. It takes work. Saving is harder than spending. I'm not going to have a downpayment for a car or house if I buy a latte every day. I didn't always associate such a small purchase with such a big one, but the small things add up. My grandma used to say "save your pennies and you won't have to worry about your dollars"

2. Self-denial/ Delayed gratification.
     I think this is a more or less lost way of thinking. We want what we want and we want it NOW, or at least in 2 days with free shipping. Waiting is the name of the game

3. The Snare to Compare
     Do I really want to buy that thing? Or do I just want to…

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